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Romantic Ideas for his Birthday

Choosing the right birthday gift can be a daunting task even for married couples. Staying with your couple for a long time does not guarantee that you will exactly know what he really wants for the birthday. Even more so, many couples ended up cracks the relationship because of the lame birthday gift. So, what is the right gift for him anyway?

Well, that is not a simple question to answer. You need to really understand his character, hobby, and anything that he really wants. He probably does not clearly say, but, he surely has given you a slight hint for what he really wants. Before jumping into the discussion, it is better to know anything related to birthday and birthday gift as well as romantic ideas for his birthday.

The perception of birthday gift

For years we share the idea of women as the gift receiver while men as the giver. The very thought has been applied in most of social aspect as we called the gender difference. At the early age, we all taught that men should establish the masculinity side in which receiving gift is not in the part while women should establish the femininity and conduct different role from men. However, even though most men think of birthday gift is not that important; they actually just building the masculine side. They do not want to appear as the receiver since they share the giver role. Read More →