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Romantic Ideas: The Tickly Kiss

kissIt seems like a regular old kiss, but at the last minute, you hover, brushing her lips lightly with yours. Then you move about slightly, brushing your lips ever so lightly over her chin, cheeks, and nose before at last, coming to rest full-on her lips.
Every kiss doesn’t have to be tonsil-hockey to be sexy, and too many times we default to a granny kiss when we are late, distracted, or stressed out.
Grab her attention with this fluttery little face kiss and make her spine tingle and her nerves stand on end. She’ll think about it all day.

Romantic Ideas: A Dirty Movie

dirty movieThis one’s a little tricky and will take some finesse on your part, but can make for a fun evening for both of you. This date can backfire on you BIG TIME if you pay too much attention to the movie and not enough to her. The idea of watching a naughty movie together is to focus on each other, not drool over the women you see on screen.
Your ONLY comments to her should be how much prettier, sexier, and well-endowed she is than any movie star. If you can’t pull that off, skip this date. Don’t even suggest it! Read More →

Romantic Ideas: The Hug from Behind

hug from behindThere’s something cozy and protective about coming up behind your lady and sliding your arms around her waist. Rest your chin on her shoulder and allow her to lean back against you and be supported. This is the perfect setup for a little whisper in her ear and a kiss on the neck.

While the hug from behind works just about anytime, it’s especially effective if she’s been down about anything or just had a bad day. If anything can make her feel better, being held and snuggled will do it.

Don’t be surprised if this hug lasts a little longer than normal- it’s hard to break out of something that feels so good! It may also inspire her to unburden herself about anything that might be bothering her- if so, just listen and be supportive. Read More →

Romantic Ideas: The Up-Against-the-Wall Kiss

Romantic-KissThis week’s mission is simple- catch your beloved in a hall or someplace else with relatively bare walls, pull her toward you then back her against the wall. You might even put your hands on either side of her head.
When she inevitably says, “What are you doing?” Just look in her eyes, give her a mischievous smile and say, “You look really hot today” or something else that lets her know she still turns you on.
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Romantic Ideas: The Moonlight Walk

romantic-ideas-moonlite-walkThere’s a reason why all the romance chick-flicks show the couple walking hand-in-hand in the moonlight- it’s hard NOT to feel romantic under the silvery light of a full moon. This one will take a little planning, but will be well worth it in the “points” department.

Your first choice for a moonlight walk should be anyplace with water. An ocean, river, lake, or pond reflecting the moon and stars above is the ultimate romantic setting.
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