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How To Talk Out Your Feelings

roseEver since the dawn time, romance has been one of the most celebrated topics.  A riveting romantic story can give us the chills, inspire us and make us wish that such a story can happen in our lives.  There is something about romance that touches the deepest chambers of our hearts and melts us and make us want to fall in love.

Much has changed as the modern era came upon us.  Relationships can now be formed as aided by modern technology.  I’m talking about finding a date online, chatting and text messaging.  Gone are the days when a suitor takes the time to visit the girl of his dreams, takes her home before 10pm and showers her with affectionate and romantic gestures.  These used to sweep the girls off their feet.

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How To Win Back Love

broken heartIt is alas natural sometimes, that we experience break-ups in our relationships.  They happen for a number of reasons.  Whatever the reason might be, we must learn to take time to evaluate they things happened the way they did and what we can learn from such an experience.  If not, we just lost a wonderful opportunity to gain wisdom.

Sometimes, when our relationships break down, we tend defend ourselves and think that it was our partner’s fault.  We let go of that someone we hold special and dear in our hearts only to realize at a later part that we did something wrong: we let our special someone go.  But alas, it is already too late.  He or she has already gone her way and moved on leaving us to wonder what might have been.

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How To Make The Gift Perfect

Gift BoxThe holidays are supposed to be fun and carefree… so why do you dread the whole gift-giving thing? It’s because it’s so hard to find the right gift! You really want her face to light up with happiness instead of forced excitement, but it seems the finding the right gift is a mystery that can’t be unraveled. Never fear! It’s not as hard as it seems.

Rule #1: Do not wait til Christmas Eve to find a gift.

The only things left on Christmas Eve are those pre-wrapped costume jewelry pins and cheap perfume- trust me, those things won’t win you any points in the romance dept. While great for a last-minute gift for Aunt Myrtle, they scream “You don’t really matter to me!” to the woman in your life. Do your gift shopping this week! Now is good… Read More →

Conflict That Doesn’t Kill Love

conflict resolution tipsIt would be unnatural if you didn’t have arguments sometimes with the person you share your life with. Аfter all, we are all individuals and have different ways of dealing with the world.  It’s normal to disagree and argue sometimes.

However, how we go about arguing can make a huge difference in the long term health of our relationship.  Learning some simple steps and keeping some rules of engagement in mind can go a long way towards reinforcing your love instead of tearing it down.

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