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Romantic Ideas: A Night of Billiards

billiardsYou never do things like this anymore, because you’ve got a busy schedule and your own TV these days. But hey, it’s fun to get dressed up, hit a bar with a couple pool tables and shoot a few rounds. No matter how bad you are- you can turn it to your advantage.

Ask her to show you how she plays so well, or offer her some tutoring if she’s never played before. Sooner or later, you’ll get all the balls in the holes and a couple of drinks in your system and be laughing it up like old times.
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Romantic Ideas: Thoughtful Love Note #2

love noteIt’s note time again!! Time for that playful, endearing note-dropping that has her giggling and going “awwww” at the same time.

Mission notes:

The note content- finish this thought: “I first knew I loved you when …”
Be sincere. Did love creep up on you? Smack you out of the blue and knock you over? Grow slowly over a long friendship? Did you stalk her for years? (OK, don’t tell her that part!)
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Romantic Ideas: Sit in My Lap

romantic chairGrownups don’t typically sit in each other’s laps, so it’s an odd (and somewhat exciting) feeling to be snuggled on someone’s lap!

The next time you are just sitting around watching TV, grab her as she walks by or call her over if you have to. Grab her by the waist and get her to sit on your lap. If you have size issues, have her sit sideways next to you and lean back into your lap. This is a very intimate and close position, so do what comes naturally and look into her eyes and give her a long, slow kiss.

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Romantic Ideas: Thoughtful Love Note #1

love noteWomen LOVE physical affirmations of feelings… something they can hold, look at over and over, and maybe even tuck away for safekeeping. Lucky for you, women aren’t all that picky about the details either!

Today’s mission is the first in a series of 12 notes (one a month) that you will leave for your special lady. It’s sweet and a lot of fun, because each month you will find someplace different to leave her note. Get creative with hiding the notes where she’ll definitely find them, but totally not expect them. It’s a romantic Easter egg hunt! What’s not to love?

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