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10th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Romantic ideas for a tenth anniversary gift

Maybe you are looking for romantic 10th anniversary gift ideas to celebrate the occasion with your partner. Or have you been invited to another couple’s celebration? No problem, we have lots of gift options to mark the occasion.

10th anniversary gift ideas

Every anniversary year has it’s symbols and traditions. So the first step in choosing a 10 year anniversary gift is to know what they are:

Tenth Anniversary Traditions

Metal: Tin, Aluminum
Gemstone: Diamonds
Flower: Daffodil

Ten years is the first “big” anniversary for most couples to celebrate after that, ‘Oh so romantic’ 1st anniversary. It marks a decade of togetherness. It’s the perfect excuse for throwing a party to mark the occasion or to give each other a significant anniversary gift.

Tin gifts don’t have to be tinny!

Jewelry and ornaments: You most likely won’t find tin jewelry at your traditional jewelry or gift shop. But if you venture out to artisan markets or specialist fashion and jewelry boutiques, you can find some really beautiful and romantic pieces. And pewter and tin are so closely related that you can’t find anything you like in tin you can also consider pewter jewelry.

Tableware: Highly polished aluminum serving dishes are smart and modern and make a very acceptable gift.

Storage tins: Into antiques and collectables? Pay a visit to your local antique market or bric-a-brac shop, or even a charity story. There, you could discover genuine antique tins that were used for storing anythings from biscuits to tobacco. They would make a unique and very appropriate gift.

Tins of a favorite gourmet food: This is a tin gift by association! Go to your favorite delicatessen and buy some “tinned” gourmet delicacies.

And for a finishing touch, wrap your tin present in aluminum foil.

Do it with Daffodils

Unless your anniversary is in spring you might be pushed to find some fresh daffodils to include in your anniversary present. As poet Robert Herrick wrote: “Fair daffodils, we weep to see you haste away so soon”. You could of course compromise by giving flowers other than daffodils but presented in a lovely tin, pewter or aluminum vase.

But if it has to be daffodils, don’t despair – here are some 10 year anniversary gift ideas, with a daffodil theme that will be very well received:

  • A framed picture or poster: One that features daffodils in a vase or in a lovely country scene.
  • Pottery: A dish, vase or ornament that is daffodil yellow, or features daffodils in its design.
  • Jewelry: A brooch or necklace featuring a daffodil motif with maybe a diamond as well would be a wonderful gift to celebrate l0 years.
  • And for him: What about tin cufflinks or a tie pin, a letter opener. Even a tie or T/shirt with a daffodil motif.

Diamonds Are Always a winner.

And there are options that don’t cost a fortune. We don’t have to tell you that diamonds have to be just about the most acceptable anniversary gift there is.  If you can’t afford natural diamonds, there is some really great synthetic or cultured diamond jewelry. They look terrific and cost a fraction of the price. And they are still genuine diamonds, just man made and not out dug out of the ground! Want to know more about synthetic diamonds and how they are made? Or you could get really creative and something diamond shaped.

Now you may think that tin or aluminum are not particularly romantic metals. No problem. We’ve put on our thinking caps for you with some terrific 10 year anniversary gift ideas to choose from, either to give each other as a joint present, or to give to others. And if sticking to the 10 year gift tradition is not a priority with you, or you are looking for more romantic anniversary ideas and gifts, do have a look at our other anniversary gift ideas. There you’ll find loads of suggestions on making an anniversary a very special occasion and finding the right 10 year anniversary gift. So let’s get started! Tin gifts don’t have to be tinny! Here are some creative and classy 10 year anniversary gift ideas.

Romantic Ideas for his Birthday

Choosing the right birthday gift can be a daunting task even for married couples. Staying with your couple for a long time does not guarantee that you will exactly know what he really wants for the birthday. Even more so, many couples ended up cracks the relationship because of the lame birthday gift. So, what is the right gift for him anyway?

Well, that is not a simple question to answer. You need to really understand his character, hobby, and anything that he really wants. He probably does not clearly say, but, he surely has given you a slight hint for what he really wants. Before jumping into the discussion, it is better to know anything related to birthday and birthday gift as well as romantic ideas for his birthday.

The perception of birthday gift

For years we share the idea of women as the gift receiver while men as the giver. The very thought has been applied in most of social aspect as we called the gender difference. At the early age, we all taught that men should establish the masculinity side in which receiving gift is not in the part while women should establish the femininity and conduct different role from men. However, even though most men think of birthday gift is not that important; they actually just building the masculine side. They do not want to appear as the receiver since they share the giver role. Read More →