How To Make The Gift Perfect

Gift BoxThe holidays are supposed to be fun and carefree… so why do you dread the whole gift-giving thing? It’s because it’s so hard to find the right gift! You really want her face to light up with happiness instead of forced excitement, but it seems the finding the right gift is a mystery that can’t be unraveled. Never fear! It’s not as hard as it seems.

Rule #1: Do not wait til Christmas Eve to find a gift.

The only things left on Christmas Eve are those pre-wrapped costume jewelry pins and cheap perfume- trust me, those things won’t win you any points in the romance dept. While great for a last-minute gift for Aunt Myrtle, they scream “You don’t really matter to me!” to the woman in your life. Do your gift shopping this week! Now is good… Tip: You don’t have to go to the mall. Even if you don’t loathe the mall normally, holiday time is not the best time to venture into the hallowed halls of shopping. Online stores, Ebay, and Amazon have just about anything you could possibly want. BUT, shopping online means shipping time; another reason to get your shopping done ASAP.

Rule #2: Do not shop for apparel without verifying sizes.

Clothing items make great gifts but don’t make the mistake of guessing at sizes! THIS IS NOT HARD and it really shows her that you care about getting the right thing. This may sound a little odd, but trust me on this strategy: go through the dirty laundry and get the sizes out of things she has recently worn. Most women have a variety of clothing in their drawers and closets that don’t fit… some are too small, some are too large… don’t question this, just accept it and work with it. By getting her sizes out of items she’s worn, you know they are current! Check the shoes she wore today if you are thinking of slippers and grab her undies for lingerie sizes. Print out our gift giving size chart and fill it in for a reference when you are out and about!

Rule #3: Do not buy things YOU want.

When selecting a gift for that special lady in your life… think about what she wants, not what you want her to have. Does she really, really want a new stereo in her car, a set of “Family Guy” DVD’s, or a super mega video card for the computer? She might… but really think about what gets her excited, not you. The same goes for lingerie. You’ve got to know your woman… would she think lingerie was a sexy and exciting gift, or an obligation she’ll have to fulfill later? If it’s your first time picking out lingerie, try to stay on the classier side of things and avoid leather, zippers and holes in uncomfortable places!

Rule #4: Do not buy a gift that implies she needs to do more housekeeping.

Unless she’s explicitly told you she really wants a Dyson, don’t get a vaccuum for her for Christmas. Or a kitchen appliance or anything meant for cleaning, preparing food, or taking care of home or kids or you! Why not? She’d love a new coffeemaker! Well, let’s face it… stuff like that shouldn’t be a gift. Christmas is a time for wow! gifts, not now-clean-up gifts. Appliances and other household gifts would make a great surprise for-no-reason gift but most often, need to come from the household budget not the gift budget.

Rule #5: Carefully consider her interests.

If she’s a collector, your job has probably been pretty easy! Whether it’s figurines, Coke memoribilia, or commemorative coins, all you have to do is buy one she doesn’t have. Everyone else has it a little harder… What does she like to do? What does she WANT to do? Consider giving her a gift of time.. how about lessons at the local rec center, concert tickets, or cooking classes? Many restaurants offer a series of wine tasting events that make for a great gift you can enjoy together. Take a few moments to list the things she likes to do. Does she like to read? What does she read? Novels, magazines, or newspapers? Why not get her a subscription or a gift certificate to a book store? Tip: Gift cards aren’t always a poor choice You have to be careful with gift cards- they can indicate thoughtlessness. A generic gift card without some sort of thought behind it is about as sentimental handing someone a $20 bill out of your wallet. But many women do like to shop! Giving her a sizeable gift card with the mandate to spend it on herself can be a very sweet gesture. If you go the gift card route, make it’s something you know she’ll appreciate.

Rule #5 Listen to her hints

Chances are, she’s told you what she wants. Think carefully… has she mentioned anything that she really likes lately, or how nice it would be to have this or that? If not, why not tag along while she does her Christmas shopping and observe… chances are, she’ll linger over something or come across something that she’ll mention she likes. It couldn’t be easier! Now get out there and do some shopping.