How To Talk Out Your Feelings

roseEver since the dawn time, romance has been one of the most celebrated topics.  A riveting romantic story can give us the chills, inspire us and make us wish that such a story can happen in our lives.  There is something about romance that touches the deepest chambers of our hearts and melts us and make us want to fall in love.

Much has changed as the modern era came upon us.  Relationships can now be formed as aided by modern technology.  I’m talking about finding a date online, chatting and text messaging.  Gone are the days when a suitor takes the time to visit the girl of his dreams, takes her home before 10pm and showers her with affectionate and romantic gestures.  These used to sweep the girls off their feet.

One of the most used tools used to express affection and to build an air of romance was the poem.  I don’t know if young people nowadays are into this ‘thing’.  May be they find it way too old fashioned to do so.  Probably, they would refer it as the Shakespearean age of courtship and dating.  But it would be nice if young people of today can find the beauty that only poems can bring.

Poems are used to convey a person’s feelings of admiration to another.  Some may find cheesy.  Others find it exquisite.  But there is something in these poems that time hasn’t been able to diminish.  What is it then?  Is it the words used?  Is the writing style?  Or is it that love poems can speak to our hearts in a way that no short story or essay can?  What makes girls feel thrilled when a guy recites to them a beautiful piece of poetry?  What’s the difference then between a love poem and an email or text message?

Poems helps us convey our deepest feelings better than just saying it ordinarily.  It can touch a person’s heart differently too.  All in all, it’s up to the person how he or she would express his or her feelings.  Trying poetry can not hurt.  In fact, I personally recommend it.