How To Win Back Love

broken heartIt is alas natural sometimes, that we experience break-ups in our relationships.  They happen for a number of reasons.  Whatever the reason might be, we must learn to take time to evaluate they things happened the way they did and what we can learn from such an experience.  If not, we just lost a wonderful opportunity to gain wisdom.

Sometimes, when our relationships break down, we tend defend ourselves and think that it was our partner’s fault.  We let go of that someone we hold special and dear in our hearts only to realize at a later part that we did something wrong: we let our special someone go.  But alas, it is already too late.  He or she has already gone her way and moved on leaving us to wonder what might have been.

Winning back love is a very challenging task!  It can be daunting, most especially if we are the one at fault and are the reason of the breakdown.  Since we realized that we need our former partner back in our life, we do the best we can to win her or him back.  To win back love, one must make necessary sacrifices to show to our former partner that we are indeed sincere in our efforts.  It’s not easy but it can be done, and many have been successful in winning back their precious someone!  Isn’t that a great story?  I think it’s amazing! Ah, love. One minute it tramples you to the ground, then it exalts you the next.

So the question remains, do you still love your ex?  Do you want him or her back?  If you answer yes to these questions, then prepare yourself to do what it takes to win back their love.

Once you have decided to win back your former love, you better do the following:

  • Don’t be embarrassed to admit the fact that you still love your ex.  Admitting and being honest is the first step towards accomplishing your goal.  How can you win him or her back if you don’t admit you still love him or her?
  • Figure out why you broke up. Figuring out the specific reasons of the break-up can significantly increase your chances of success.  The good thing about this is you can now determine where you have gone wrong and then make the necessary changes.
  • Determine whether you are still friends with your ex.  If not, extend efforts to re-establish your friendship and line of communication.  Obviously, it would be easier if you are still friends with your ex after the break-up.
  • Determine if your ex has found someone else.  This is hardest part if your ex has already found someone else.  Feelings of regret would come rushing into you.  In this scenario, it could go any way.  Either he or she would want to get back to you or he or she would want to give their new relationships a try.  What you can do is to remind him or her the good times you had, and if your ex is still thinking about you even though he or she is already with someone else, chances are your ex will get back to you.