Romantic Ideas for his Birthday

Choosing the right birthday gift can be a daunting task even for married couples. Staying with your couple for a long time does not guarantee that you will exactly know what he really wants for the birthday. Even more so, many couples ended up cracks the relationship because of the lame birthday gift. So, what is the right gift for him anyway?

Well, that is not a simple question to answer. You need to really understand his character, hobby, and anything that he really wants. He probably does not clearly say, but, he surely has given you a slight hint for what he really wants. Before jumping into the discussion, it is better to know anything related to birthday and birthday gift as well as romantic ideas for his birthday.

The perception of birthday gift

For years we share the idea of women as the gift receiver while men as the giver. The very thought has been applied in most of social aspect as we called the gender difference. At the early age, we all taught that men should establish the masculinity side in which receiving gift is not in the part while women should establish the femininity and conduct different role from men. However, even though most men think of birthday gift is not that important; they actually just building the masculine side. They do not want to appear as the receiver since they share the giver role.

Men do want certain gifts for their birthday. They just do not say it out loud about things that they want. It is just their perception of masculinity is more important than the reality. Saying that they want something for birthday will likely to hurt their pride as well as conjures their masculine image and the worse, makes them feel less manly. In contrast, women in general always look forward the birthday gift as it is the main dish of every birthday. Women tend to not hesitate to clearly say what they want for example they want a diamond ring, luxury bag or shoes, branded makeup, and many more. Basically, the options for women’s birthday gift are wide and most men can guess easily.

The same thing does not simply apply when talking about men’s birthday gift choice. Since they do not tend to say the will out loud; you have to guess and be cautious for every sign. When the birthday date is getting closer, he will give you slight hint through his actions or somewhere between the long talk.

Both men and women share different thought toward the birthday gift. Even though it seems that men do not want the gift; deep down in the heart, they actually want. It is just the masculinity reputation is more important. Women, in the other hand, generally think that birthday gift is somewhat as important as the birthday itself. They will not hesitate to say the will out loud.

Romantic ideas for his birthday

Choosing a birthday gift for someone who does not speak clearly of what he really wants can be quite stressing. You have to guess and find out of the thing that they really want by yourself. Then, the problem emerges due to the drastic difference of taste. They say that you have to know his character or hobby before getting him a birthday gift. The truth is, even couples who have stayed for a long time can also pick the wrong gift. If you are in the middle of confusion since his birthday is getting closer, here are some romantic ideas for his birthday.

Customized pillow – everyone use pillow and your husband or boyfriend are no exceptions. So, giving something that he will use every day is never a waste. He will use the pillow whenever he goes to sleep and it will remind him that you are the one who customize the pillow. Therefore, it is a memorable gift indeed.

Camera – you probably think that camera is not that special, but, hey think again; for the best photographer of your life, a limited edition camera can make him jump in excitement. The camera is the device to record all your adventures and experiences together. Now, he has the limited edition camera to lock the memory together.

Whisky and champagne – get him a limited edition of a bottle of champagne or whisky and see for his reactions. You both can spend the night with drinking the fine champagne with chocolate and fruits and take the love to the next level.

Gadgets – most of every man likes sophisticated toys and no matter the age, it is their toys. You can present him with the latest gadget such as a smartphone, PC tablet, set of home theater, and such thing is the safest choice of all.

Shaving kit – a beautiful or limited edition shaving kit is a must have for every man who appreciates the importance of grooming. You also certainly enjoy the result, aren’t you? Tell him that you want to see his handsome face for more through this shaving kit which never out date. You can help him to shave as the scene in movies; then straightly kiss him on the cleanly shaved face.

Pamper day – his birthday gift does not mean always certain product. Spending the entire day together and doing things that he loves also a great gift. You can make him a king for a day, for example, making him breakfast in bed with his favorite dish and try not to contradict him for a day. Every man has the childish side in him, and taking it as the consideration you can treat him differently as you always do. Surely, he will be pleased.

Tickets for his favorite events – is there any events such as movies, concert, or sort of thing that is your man longing to see? If yes, you can give him a pair of ticket to the event he has been longing to go together with you and spend the day in joy.

Those are some of the romantic ideas for his birthday that you can give to your loved one as the token of affection.