Romantic Ideas: The Full Body Massage

massageWork away her stress with a calming, soothing, sensuous massage. She’ll remember this one in her dreams for the rest of her life.

Purchase or find in the house: Candles, scented massage oil or lotion, her favorite drink, a CD player or MP3 with speakers and soft music. You’ll also want a large towel or two.

Step #1: Clean the bedroom. Get rid of clutter and piles of laundry, kid’s toys and anything else that doesn’t belong. Vacuum. If you are lucky guy who lives in a perpetually clean dwelling, skip this step. For the rest of us who find that housework gets a tad behind, really take the time to make a soothing environment.  Make the bed and cover it with large towels.

Step #2: Add a candle or two on the bedside tables. Use as many or as few as you would like. You do want some light so you can see what you are doing.

Step #3: Ambiance. Set up and test your music source. The volume should be soft but clearly audible.

Step #4: Turn out the lights and light the candles.

Step #5: Bring a large towel and tell her she needs to take all of her clothes off, wrap the towel around her and meet you in the bedroom. Don’t answer questions, just tell her appointment is in 5 minutes.

Step #6: Go to the bedroom and lock the door. Get yourself ready… you can wear something sexy or just shorts, but definitely not your old sweats! Show a little skin.

Step #7: When she knocks, answer the door and welcome her to the [Your Name Here] Spa and show her in.

Step #8: Have her sit on the bed in front of you and start with a scalp massage. Run your fingers through her hair and rub her scalp in small circles. Then give it a light scratching. If she has long hair, use a clip to wind it up off her neck at this point (or just give her the clip and let her do it.)

Step #9: Have her lie face down on the towels on the bed, and loosen the towel around her so that it’s still covering her but you can move it as needed.

Step #10: Pour some oil into your hands and rub them to warm it up, then start with her feet. Flex her feet to stretch them and give them a good rub. Work your way up to the calves, adding more oil as necessary. Bend her leg at the knee so that you can get all the way around her calves. Work your way up the thighs, buttocks, back and shoulders.

Step #10: Think gentle! Vary your motions from a firm massage to a light tracing of your fingertips up and down her skin to really heighten her senses. When you massage, remember you aren’t trying to win a strength record, you just want to loosen the muscles. Don’t go for pounding, but try to gently work the muscles beneath.

Step #11: As you work your way up her body, carefully avoid any “high sensitivity” areas… for now. It’s a great tease to touch every part of her body except the areas she’s expecting you to focus on. Draw it out as long as possible. Don’t remove the towel yet… just move it up or down as needed.

Step #12: Turn her over, still under the towel. Without adding oil, gently stroke her neck, rubbing in small circles under her ears and under the jawline.

Step #13: Move to her hands, pulling each finger gently to stretch it, then pulling it back a little. Massage the palm and the back of the hand. Use light strokes on the forearm, not massaging but very, very gently stroking the forearm top and underneath. Massage the upper arms and shoulders.

Step #14: Many women are self-concious about their stomachs. If your woman is, don’t spend a lot of time on this part because she’ll feel uncomfortable. If it doesn’t bother her, stroke her stomach lightly. Kneading or massaging isn’t a good idea here.

Step #15: When you reach the chest, all of your movements should be extremely light. No heavy massaging here. Use your fingertips to trace a line from her neck to her navel and back up. Make large circles around her breasts, sloooowly getting smaller with each trip around with your lightest touch. Before actually reaching the center point, start widening the circles again. (Be strong!)

Step #16: Remove the towel at this point. Focus on her thighs, massaging the outer sides first before getting to the inner sides.

Step #17: Answer her begging and do what comes naturally at this point. 😉

Tell her in advance that you are setting one night aside for her. Tell her not to make plans. Tease her by telling her it’s going to be something she’ll never forget, but don’t give her any details. Anticipation is part of the fun!

Call her the day you are going to do it and remind her, today’s the day! Don’t make plans, I’ll see you tonight. Have fun with it!