Romantic Ideas: What are you doing now

love noteIt’s note time again!! Time for that playful, endearing note-dropping that has her giggling and going “awwww” at the same time.
The note content- finish this thought: “Sometimes during the day, when I should be thinking about work I think about what you are doing at that moment. I wish …”

A woman wants to believe you think about her as much as she thinks about you, which is pretty much all the time. While you may think about sex all day long, chances are you don’t really think about her as much as she thinks about you. But that’s ok, as long as every now and then you remind her that she really is special to you. It’s a taking-for-granted thing and you need to keep that at bay!

Finish this content with your wish for what you’d do together if you didn’t have to work as much. What would you wish for (that the two of you could do together) if you had more time? Would you travel more, take dance classes together, go camping under the stars, work side-by-side to make your home beautiful, or just lie in a hammock in the back yard?

Would you do things for her, to make her happy or proud of you? Even if the reality is that you’d rather be fishing with your buddies, now is not the time for that confession!

Be careful with this one- it should really be something you’d like to do and it should take HER interests into account. Saying you’d take her to more football games when she can’t stand them isn’t really an intimacy-booster while saying you’d learn to crochet with her may lead her to push you to come to classes in the evening!

If in doubt, simply wish you were with her alone at your favorite restaurant, sharing your day and catching up with each other.

Again, you can write it on a post-it note, copy paper, or go all out and buy special stationary. Do NOT type it and print it from the computer with your signature on it. It has to be hand-written- that’s the only rule.

Where to Hide It:

Stick this note in the front door of your dwelling. You may want to seal it and put her name on it so that no one else intercepts it in the meantime!

If you leave first during the day, stick it in the door jamb inside the door. If she leaves first and comes home first, stick it on the outside of the door.